• Predator Short

    Predator Short

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    The Predator action is designed for hunting use. It can also be used for competition. It is a 416R stainless steel action with a Remington 700 style footprint. It is available in both single shot and repeater versions with both right and left bolt. Short actions have 223, PPC, 308 and magnum boltfaces. Long actions […]

  • TAC 30

    TAC 30

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    The TAC30 actions are designed for tactical use. They can also be used for long range hunting. They are bead blasted 416R stainless and are Remington 700 footprint. The TAC30 will fit any stock with a  Remington short action inlet. TAC30 actions are available with 223, 308 and magnum bolt faces. The 223 bolt face […]


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