• Drop in replacement for popular Remington 700 and 40X series actions. Fits same stocks, triggers and has same nominal headspacing.
  • Available in short and long length, single shot or repeater and 223, 308 and magnum boltfaces. The PredXtreme is specifically designed for the 338 Lapua Magnum or 378 Weatherby based cartridges. It has a little larger footprint, the diameter is 0.050 larger and the length is 0.465 longer to accomodate the larger boltface.
  • All action bodies use 416R stainless steel hardened to 41 Rockwell C.
  • Black Iron Nitride QPQ style coating on bolt for smooth action and galling prevention. Bolt is also factory lapped. Bolts are spiral fluted.
  • Bolt hole is gun-drilled and then wire edm’ed with the rails to ensure exact tolerances and size control. Bolt fit to body is typically .0040 to .0060.
  • Rails incorporate anti-bind rail for smooth operation when sliding bolt across port cutout.
  • Repeaters have extended magazine cutout for use with HS Precision or Wyatt Outdoors extended magazines as well as factory Remington.
  • Davidson dovetail or picatinney rails are available from SPF. Standard front Remington bases fit both front and rear mounts.
  • Standard finish is bead blasted matte.
  • Bolt stop is on side above the stock line.
  • Full round back and smaller port allow for a much stiffer action and perfect scope alignment.
  • Uses industry standard Remington style firing pin with 0.068 diameter.
  • All actions use 1.0625-16 tpi, 0.700 inch headspace.
  • NOW Available in right bolt right port AND left bolt left port.
  • All CNC machined.

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