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    The TAC actions are designed for tactical use. They can also be used for long range hunting. They are 416R stainless steel with a Remington 700 footprint and black oxide coating. The TAC 30 will fit any stock for a short action, the TAC 300 for a long. TAC 30 actions have 223 and 308 […]

  • Wraith


    $1,295.00 Select options

    Wraith is short action, right-handed, repeater only currently. It is available in 223, 308, & Magnum bolt faces.

  • Spectre


    $1,295.00$1,370.00 Select options

    The Spectre line of actions are designed for tactical types of use. They can also be used for long-range hunting. They are a stainless steel drop-in replacement for the Remington 700 series actions that has a black oxide coating. Our Spectre short actions have a cutout for the magazine dedicated to use the outstanding Accuracy […]

  • 2500XR


    $1,295.00$1,370.00 Select options

    The 2500XR is a true repeater using low cost Savage magazines. This is aimed at the tactical trainer market or for the customer that wants a true high quality 22 that just isn’t available in America anymore. It shares most of the features of the 2500X line. The OD is not ground on this action […]


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