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In 2010 we were contacted by Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane Indiana. They asked if we were interested in bidding on the Mk13 Mod7 project to supply custom actions for the Mod 7 version of the Mk13 300 WinMag sniper platform.

This was the first time they considered using a custom action for this platform. We decided to compete and ultimately won the very difficult competition. We supplied five of our TAC 300 actions pulled at random from our inventory. What the Navy determined was that the Stiller Actions offered 100% parts interchangeability.

For the first time in the history of the Mk13, any part from any Stiller based rifle could be interchanged with the same part on a different rifle with no change in function or accuracy. We have since developed a special QC process to which every Mk13 action is subjected. In addition, all the internal parts are black iron nitrided. Occasionally, we have a few extra actions that can be offered to the public.

  • Receiver Material: 416 Stainless hardened to 42 Rockwell
  • Receiver Length: TAC30 and Predator Short – 7.850”
    • Wraith Short (integral lug) – 8.037”
    • Predator Medium – 8.200”
    • TAC30 and Predator Long – 8.700”
    • Wraith Long (integral lug) – 8.887
    • P1000 short – 8.265
    • P1000 V long – 9.155”
    • TAC338 – 9.165”
    • Tac408 – 10.25”
  • Receiver Diameter: Predator, Predator V, TAC30, & TAC300 – 1.35” (Remington 700)
    • Wraith – 1.35”, across flats
    • P1000 – 1.35” or 1.55”
    • TAC338 – 1.40”
    • TAC408 – 1.45” or 1.60”
  • Headspace Short, Medium, Long, Wraith – .700”
    • P1000 – 1.115”
    • TAC338 – 1.000”
    • TAC408 – 1.100”
    • Headspace tolerance is held to +/- .001”
  • Tenon threads Threads are made with a single point boring bar and indexed to top center of action.  This allows any barrel ever fitted to a Stiller Action to be screwed onto any other Stiller Action without need for re-headspacing or re-indexing.
  • Bolt Design TAC30, TAC300, PREDATOR, WRAITH – .700” diameter
    • TAC338, TAC408 – .750” diameter
    • One piece fluted on top and sides but not the bottom so that flutes will not interfere with magazine lips. TAC actions have straight bolt handle and PREDATOR actions have swept bolt handle.  Bolt knob is threaded.  TAC actions have large knob and PREDATOR actions have small knob.  Aftermarket knobs can be swapped out by user or gunsmith.
  • Bolt Stop: On side of receiver opposite bolt handle above the stock line
  • Bolt Throw: 90 degree
  • Bolt Material: Chrome Molly hardened to 42 Rockwell
  • Bolt Coating: Proprietary double layer coating makes them as smooth as glass
  • Firing Pin: Fluted Stainless Steel, .068 diameter tip, Chrome silicon spring
  • Extractor/Ejector: Modified M16 type extractor, Rem 700 style pin ejector
  • Recoil Lug: 416R Stainless parallel sided or tapered.  .187” (Rem700 standard), .250” or .300” produced in house and surface ground to .0002” tolerance.


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