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The Sport action is designed for hunting use. It can also be used for competition. It is a 416R stainless steel action with a Remington 700 style footprint with standard magazine cut. It does not have the normal flat opposite the ejection port you are used to seeing on other Stiller actions. It is available as a repeater with right bolt long action with 308 or magnum bolt face. The Sport uses a modified M16 type extractor which the most dependable extractor available today and has an enlarged primary extraction camming surface. It uses #6 screws for scope base mounting and has Holes between the screws for pins to hold the scope rail in place (Stiller Action rail come with screws and pins). The bolt is one piece, hand lapped to the action and fluted for better in field function. The firing pin is fluted for faster lock time and is fully supported within the bolt body. The bolt handle is threaded for the bolt knob of choice.


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