• P1000


    $1,095.00$1,170.00 Select options

    The P1000 is designed for the long-range competition shooter and works great in F-Class also. It is available in right bolt, left load, right eject only, long and short, 308 and mag faces. It is available in 1.35 and 1.55 diameters. Both actions have our standard benchrest 1.0625 x 18TPI x 1.115 headspace tenon to […]

  • Predator


    $995.00$1,170.00 Select options

    The Predator action is designed for hunting use. It can also be used for competition. It is a 416R stainless steel action with a Remington 700 style footprint. It is available in both single shot and repeater versions with both right and left bolt. Short actions have 223, 308 and magnum boltfaces, long actions have […]

  • TAC


    $995.00$1,300.00 Select options

    The TAC actions are designed for tactical use. They can also be used for long range hunting. They are 416R stainless steel with a Remington 700 footprint and black oxide coating. The TAC 30 will fit any stock for a short action, the TAC 300 for a long. TAC 30 actions have 223 and 308 […]

  • Wraith


    $1,295.00 Select options

    Wraith is short action, right-handed, repeater only currently. It is available in 223, 308, & Magnum bolt faces.

  • Spectre


    $1,295.00$1,370.00 Select options

    The Spectre line of actions are designed for tactical types of use. They can also be used for long-range hunting. They are a stainless steel drop-in replacement for the Remington 700 series actions that has a black oxide coating. Our Spectre short actions have a cutout for the magazine dedicated to use the outstanding Accuracy […]

  • MK13


    $1,545.00$1,620.00 Select options

    In 2010 we were contacted by Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane Indiana. They asked if we were interested in bidding on the Mk13 Mod7 project to supply custom actions for the Mod 7 version of the Mk13 300 WinMag sniper platform. This was the first time they considered using a custom action for this […]

  • Sport


    $975.00 Select options

    The Sport is a long action right-handed action with 308 & Magnum bolt faces.

  • 2500XR


    $1,295.00$1,370.00 Select options

    The 2500XR is a true repeater using low cost Savage magazines. This is aimed at the tactical trainer market or for the customer that wants a true high quality 22 that just isn’t available in America anymore. It shares most of the features of the 2500X line. The OD is not ground on this action […]

  • Picatinny Rail

    Picatinny Rail

    $50.00$75.00 Select options
  • Stiller Detachable Bottom Metal [DBM]

    Stiller Detachable Bottom Metal [DBM]

    $295.00$315.00 Select options


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