We will take just about any kind of compensation (no livestock please). Money orders, checks, cashiers checks, wire transfers or credit cards etc. All prices shown are the cash discounted prices. For credit card orders, we need the exact name, number, exp date, street address and zip code of billing address and 3 digit security code from back. NO CHARGES TO CREDIT CARDS ARE MADE UNTIL THE ITEM IS READY TO SHIP. All orders must be paid in advance of shipping unless on open account with us. All information regarding credit card purchases etc are strictly private and will not be sold, shared or distributed in any way within our control. All applicable laws regarding age, itar, state dept, federal and state laws are strictly adhered to. All refunds must be authorized and RMA numbers issued. Call us for any issues regarding returns etc. Any authorized returns will be credited back to the card when the item has been processed through our incoming, usually within 3 days.


We DON’T take deposits on standard actions. I don’t want to be accused of using your money while you wait. OEM orders will be handled on a case by case basis. Most of the time, deposits ARE refundable, unless something really strange is ordered.

Delivery Times

Delivery times vary depending on if the item is a standard off the shelf product or custom. Custom/OEM orders typically take 5 months on the first order with 3 month times on future orders. Our products ship immediately if on the shelf, up to 3 months if in process. Material and subcontract processes beyond our control may push out times.


The ATF now allows faxing of FFL and so do we. Our fax is 972 941 8884. Please write the number and exp date below the reverse printed numbers if it is the old small size FFL. We have to be able to read it. Also, all dealers put on your PHONE NUMBER. We need it for our air bills. Some of our dealers are also stating that they NEED our FFL to give you the actions. IF they do, it is their policy, not the ATF’s, even though they may think it is. We will fax or ship our copy if requested.


We ship most of our products via Fedex Ground. It has proven to be the most reliable and low cost shipper for us. We ship product everyday. We currently charge $20 for an action. This covers the shipping and insurance costs. Multiple actions combine for a lower cost. If an item is lost, we will try to ship a new item to you and we will handle the insurance IF Fedex shows that it was not delivered. Claims for damage will require customer help.

International Orders

International orders can be trying at best. We have been doing them for about 10 years and “maybe finally have a procedure until the government changes the rules again”. We try to use Fedex for these shipments and if not use USPS. The customer MUST supply an Original Import Certificate, PO and a DSP83 from their government for us to apply for an Export Permit. Contact us for the format these need to be in so State Dept approval is easier. We can only send out product once the State Dept approves the transfer. We recommend that the customer add extra product to the certificate to cover future needs so only one license need be applied for. We charge $100 per submitted permit. We spend almost $2000 a year for the privilege to apply for these permits. The $100 charge is really pretty cheap when you consider how much we spend and the 1 hour plus time it takes me to fill out the paperwork. It can take a few months for our state department to finish the paperwork. We then pack and ship the items. Shipping, product costs and paperwork fees must be paid in advance before shipping. Actions, stocks, triggers, barrel blanks, bullets ALL require permits to be shipped out, no matter what the foreign country requires. We also ship an invoice with the items as well as a Customs Declaration (SED). We will not misstate the costs to save duties etc.

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